To read: Sept 28th

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Creating an Animated Product Slider with Sequence.js

A Guide to JavaScript Engines for Idiots

How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library


Google logo update

Kind of reminds me of the feeling that I got when Shaw Cable updated logo to the current one…
Too cute for big company? or maybe they are trying to ease the “Coporatey” (is even a word? but you get the idea) feeling.

Interesting reads – Aug 28, 2015

Ubuntu dominates cloud

Ubuntu dominates cloud space, which makes sense since footprint is really small compared to other major GUI based OS (I own all 3 major ones – OS X 10.10, Windows 8.1 (I reverted back from 10…), Ubuntu 15.04)

Google pause flash ads by default

Goodbye Flash ads, hello HTML5 ads

Fixed Gear bike confuses Google’s self driving car

This is interesting from both perspective as I ride fixed gear bike and also really interested in self driving cars…

Ubuntu initial setup (14.04)

I believe “node” is reserved word for terminal in ubuntu, so when you install node through package manager (apt-get) it saves command as “nodejs” not “node” which causes issues with new cli tools installed via npm command since they are looking for “node” command.

You need to symlink it through following command:
ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

Also, originally npm command require “sudo” to install new packages.
You can avoid this by doing following:

npm config set prefix '~/.npm-packages'

You also need to ad following to ~/.bashrc file

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.npm-packages/bin"

This is taken from


Note to myself

After generating through yeoman, generally do
npm install and bower update before running any grunt tasks, otherwise it probably will come back with some error messages.

More details about this here: (this is for official backbone generator from
and here

Literally pulled hair out because of this stupid issue…

ScreenReader issues with AJAX and Role=”Status”

When focusing on element with role=”status” tag, before and after AJAX call with JavaScript, both JAWS and VoiceOver will finish reading the element with role=”status” tag.

Where mobile accessibility tools (VoiceOver on iOS devices, and Talkback on Android devices”) will cut off in middle while it’s reading element with role=”status”

Maybe this is reproducible with regular javascript focusing on element with timeout, instead of ajax call. need to investigate.

Also, there’s no way to detect if the user is using screen readers, so there’s need for detect each browser / OS as almost every screen reader / browser combination behave differently even if you follow WCAG2.0 AAA compliance.

There’s debate about to whether open up API or not: (well at least some surveys)