More open source stuff from MS

This time it’s not for .NET, but for Office 365. And yes, it’s a FE Framework.

Office UI Fabric

This is pretty cool, but no support for Linux is not cool (I use Ubuntu at home, I don’t use Photoshop anyway and that’s pretty much only reason why I need use Win/OSX anyway…)

Only thing is, they are supporting LESS instead of SASS. Personally I don’t really mind either, but Bootstrap 4 is moving away from LESS and transitioning to SASS (they supported SASS on Bootstrap 3, but developed in LESS I believe) so this is little interesting how this could affect community…


Interesting reads – Aug 28, 2015

Ubuntu dominates cloud

Ubuntu dominates cloud space, which makes sense since footprint is really small compared to other major GUI based OS (I own all 3 major ones – OS X 10.10, Windows 8.1 (I reverted back from 10…), Ubuntu 15.04)

Google pause flash ads by default

Goodbye Flash ads, hello HTML5 ads

Fixed Gear bike confuses Google’s self driving car

This is interesting from both perspective as I ride fixed gear bike and also really interested in self driving cars…

Interesting reads – Aug 6, 2015

Android device fragmentation chart


Tufte CSS

Humble Programmer

JavaScript Array cheat sheet

Making Netflix faster

Last link about making Netflix faster is very interesting read as FE developer. Trying to make JavaScript as silver bullet language that kills both client side and server side. Not every web app is Node.js suitable, but interesting nonetheless.